Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What a great week-end and start to July 2011. My parents were down for the weekend, my cousin came up for a visit too. Was great to see everyone.
I have made another gift in the nook, but will leave the pic till the young lady receives the gift, her Nan and my best friend asked me to make it, so will post in a couple of weeks.
I knitted this little beanie hat for my gorgeous - nearly 1- GD Holley. The pattern is from a Lincarft book 'Family Fairytales' p45. Not perfect that's for sure, this is the second one I had made, and still didn't fit, so I cheated a little and added the black band of fabric. I think it looks cute, and covers her ears too !! I am sure Holley will still pull it of.  

do you remember the scarf i made last month? 
 I made this scarf for a work colleges daughter, Sophie. Well today I received some lovely little gifts from Sophie. I waited till I had finished work, to really enjoy the unwrapping. Yes I was excited, I normally do the gift giving, not the gift receiving...
this lovely little box..on the lid has a little tag 'Jen's Box Only', how sweet is that !! the perfect place to hid my lollies...

this gorgeous next wall model has the previlage of wearing it, so sure to make appeares in many photos yet to be taken. So when you spy it in pics you'll know that my little friend Sophie made that for me !!

How cute is this little pot !! it is just perfect to hold my crochet hooks in, and now I will know exactly where they are, no more hunting for them. What a clever young lady Sophie is...

Finished off with a beautiful crafted thank you card, proudly displayed on my pin board. Wow I was so lucky and love all my gifts. Thanx you Sophie, a sweet little girl. Oh all lovely wrapped in butterfly paper. Well This -not so young- Lady has had a very special start to July 2011
Keep crafting !!!