Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's a bit hard to believe we are at the end of February already. Below is a crochet lady I have made. My first one.

My tags for the grandkids clothes

Shirt I embroidered for my grandson Bailey

I love these little dresses. I have made them from pattern Simplicity 9784. I have really enjoyed making them
This first one I embroidered a picture of Dora on it for granddaughter Amelia
And this one a pooh bear embroidered on to it for granddaughter Amelia

And a few more burping bibs to round off the month of February.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am really enjoying making these machine embroidered hand towel toppers and then working a fine crochet edging on them.. :)

I love the sunflowers 

Really love the butterflies, my favorite one..

And a couple of burping bibs, with crochet edging

Sunday, February 13, 2011

13 FEBRUARY 2011

Another busy weekend in the Nook. Below is a new baby set. Comprising of a towel, crochet washer and 2 burping bibs.

A towel set for a little boy
I really liked this one. I made to towel top from calico and embroidered that. Attached to towel and then crochet edging all way round. I do need to practice more on my button holes. Most definitely making more of these.
Another towel set. Betty Boop and a crochet washer
I ending up continuing with the little doilley. It's a decent size, maybe inspiration to make more. The little crocheted tea pots I did not make. A recent find and been added to my Nana's Nook for inspiration

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The start of February 2011. Been very hot, not much craft been done in the last couple of days. Some new additions to the Nana's Nook.
Little cardboard trinket box that I have added some crocheted trim to jazz it up a little.

Hubby added some party lights on Nana's Nook
Added this lovely big table, it measures 185cm x 125cm. Just too big for inside and really too big even for here, but I do love it so much and will be so good to use for cutting patterns. Realising now of course I should of dusted it before I took the pic.. the chairs are fitting under saving more room. The green and yellow chair in the corner is very comfortable and I think they look cute. I have a pair and the other sits at the other end of that veranda near the door.

The padded bench and old bakelite ash tray table
This is a rather old bench, not very comfortable , but love it looking rustic and having age on it. This bench measures six and a half feet, she's a long one
The shelving has started in the storage shed and have managed to get some of my tubs in. I have a feeling I still won't get it all in there, so might still have to keep bids on the back room in the house for now.