Monday, January 31, 2011


The veranda is just about finished, and managed a few more craft projects to finish off the month :)
William very proud helping Poppy. This is the storage shed at the end of the veranda to house craft supplies in organised tubs..that's the plan. Shelves yet to be put in. William says it's his new bedroom, funny little man..
Have already had a few sitting moments here, love it !!!

Still to paint the white rails on this end, and a coat of varnish on the wood palings. Mark has put one of the white rails on hinges so the gate is in front of the door. Mark has done a terrific job :)

My granny square lounge blanket all finished ready for winter.
A few more crochet washers....

A liuttle crochet doiley. Just started making it yesterday waiting at the Doctors, so no pattern. Not sure if this is it or if I will make bigger, might just carry it in my bag and see what happens in the next month with it.

Another towel set for a friends little 2 year old boy's birthday this week.Sponge Bob Square Pants in a little boat....

I have had a busy month of January, very pleased with what has been accomplished, I am interested to see how my February goes.  :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The roof has been put up on the veranda and some of the railings. I will paint them tomorrow :)

Already have a bench.

Went to a 2nd Birthday Party today and gave the birthday boy a towel set I made.


Hot hot hot, it has been hot the last two days. Made a couple of name tags for William's school clothes. Need to work on that, sure I can make them better.

Also embroidered a shirt for myself...about time!

William helping Poppy with the veranda

 Now Shaylee's turn at the hammer...William supervising

Poppy and Amelia taking 5.

The frame work for the roof completed today :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have a G-Nephew that collects playing cards, so today I sewed up 4 little drawstring bags for him to store some of his collection in. I have machine embroidered card designs onto each bag :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday 24th January 2011

Today I got yesterdays sewing sent away...5 parcels in all :) Then visited some girlfriends in Maclean. That I haven't done in a long time. Was great catching up and having a cuppa. Have missed those days with girlfriends. Hubby finished the flooring on the veranda to day. Next step will be the railings.  Done a little sewing today aswell.

A couple of towel sets today for a friends two littles for their birthdays. This one is Batman and a crocheted washer....
and a Dora :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well a busy full day today. I made another 6 library bags, all parceled up ready to post tomorrow. I was so inspired making the library bags, I spent the rest of the day catching up with unfinished projects and parceling up others ready for posting. Also the verandah started being build with the wood floor. So have taken pics to show my enjoy :)    Above (because I can't work out how to get my writing back up there) Is a baby parcel I had made in December but had not got it away, so am happy that today I have wrapped it ready to go. Below is three hand towels that I have machine embroidered and crocheted around for one of my nieces. I also made these a couple of weeks ago, so today I have sewn the buttons on and parceled up ready for posting tomorrow... the dragon flies were my inspiration to have dragon flies on my blog :) thanx Kylie xx
 This is a frog machine embroidery and crochet hand towel for my Mum..yes ready to post. Also made in December, today again button sewn on and parceled ready to post :)
 I made this baby set today. It consists of a machine embroidered towel, a crocheted washer, 2 burping bibs and a machine embroidered muslin wrap. I have made this for a friends first granddaughter in Toowoomba.
 I made this baby set also today for one of Jessie's friends.
 My veranah being built, and of course granddaughter Amelia helping Poppy.
 This I made today. Its an EELS hand towel, but no matter how I tried taking the pic it is just not showing very well. This is for my friend in Toowoomba.

And today's 6 library bags I made. most certainly a full day for me :) I have really enjoyed my weekend in my Nana's Nook...

Friday, January 21, 2011


Today I am spending it in my Nana's Nook. I am sewing library bags to be sent to Toowoomba to be given to some of the children that have been affected by the Queensland floods, ready for back to school. I decided to take pics as I went along to show how I have made my bags. I will include the Face Book link for the site that I found this on, wanting the bags made.!/pages/Crafty-Aussie-ladies-needed-to-sew-library-bags-for-students-in-flooded-QLD/159217130795990  As of at the moment being 4pm NSW time, ( thinking this blogging page is in USA time) I have made 6 bags and plan of making another 6. I have to post them so I think 12 will be a help. So here I go...
Me making library bags
Firstly my fabric was 112 cm wide and 1.5m long. So I have cut each bag roughly 37 cm wide and 75 cm deep. This has enabled me to make 6 bags from 1.5 m of fabric.
1. I cut my fabric out
2. I overlocked just the top two edges as the sides will be overlocked later

 3. I then turn over 2cm and sew in for the hem.
 3. I then have used some cotton taping that I have pinned on to be used at the casing for the cord to go through. First off I measure it just short of the width, then have turned the ends over and sewn them. I then pin just the top edge along the stitch line from the previous hemming.  I leave it short from the edges because this will be sewn later and I need the ends open for the cord to go through. Because this is very light weight fabric I have also put a row of  this taping across what will be the bottom of the bag, just to give it a little strength when it is carrying books.
 4. Sew in casing being sure not to sew the ends close. Also I backstiched on each row and end to help reinforce as these will be tugged at by the drawstring
 5. Then I folded each bag in half with right sides facing. Overlocking down both side seams. Fold bag right way out when finished. I cut my threads as I go, and the overlocking thread at the top openings I thread them back through the overlocking stitches with a fine crochet hook.
 6. I measure the cord. For each bag you need two strands. Each strand has to go around the whole bag and tie in a knot.
 7. I attach a safety pin to my cord to help feed it through the casing
 8. Start the secord peice of cord on the opposite side as the first one. Tie the ends in a knot when you have completely threaded through.
 9. Finished library bag.  :)
So I have completed 6 of these ones. Now going to make another 6 out of calico so might have to dress them up a little.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to get back into it....

   Time to get back into it. Terrible floods in Queensland. I was born in Toowoomba and lived there till I was 13 and half. My family were all from Toowoomba. Just so surreal what happened there last week. Floods into NSW and Vic as well. Thoughts to all families and friends that have lost loved ones, and have been affected by these floods.
   This last week + I have been crocheting just little granny squares, just 3 rounds. I will make a little throw rug for the lounge for winter.

   Today I am hoping to complete two embroidery  towels.  and some burping bibs and crochet a washer or too. Will post pics when finished.

First one finished :) 
Didn't get the other towel done today.Was a little hot.  Did get one burping bib done ( pic later) and these four washers crocheted.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grandkids Clock

Today I finally got pics of the grandkids into my clock for my Nana's Nook. I only have black and white printing, but I think it is effective in the black and silver framing. Need hubby to hang it for me later on, then I will polish the finger prints off.

My Nana's Nook

My Nana's Nook. In this pic is my daugther Jessie and both her children William (5) and Amelia (1)

My First Posting

Well today I have started my first blogging. Will be interesting to me to see how I go. I hope to be up to date with my craft activities and share my visits in Nana's Nook with you. Here is to 2011 being a productive year.