Thursday, March 31, 2011


I didn't realise I had not posted up for a while, so this is a wrap up for the Month of March. I am very pleased to add a pic of my beautiful Granddaughter Holley wearing the sunflower Chip and Dale Chipmunk dress I made her. To this outfit I also made a pair of pants and a cute little hat. Same pattern as the dress, Simplicity 9784.

My  elderst daughter celebrates her birthday in March so i got busy and made 3 hand towels for her. She loves elephants, so of course they all included Elephants !

A robot shirt for Grandson William

Daughter Jessie was after some shirts for exercising so busy on the machine I got. I thought these were cute designs.

I had an order from a friend, so we have a mixed selection here.

A motorbike shirt

Little bear with pink ribbon handtowel

Elvis washer

St George Towel

Dorothy Shirt

The Nook's veranda is great. Here is pic of grandkids Shaylee and William playing on my 'big' table on the veranda...thanx D for the new addition of these toys to the Nook, they loved exploring all the new toys. It is great, they can still play there when it is raining. They enjoyed playing whilst I was sewing :) this is the view from my window...isn't that great !!

Granddaughter Shaylee in her pink Barbie dress I made for her. I have used McCalls Pattern M5792

My cousin Susan has welcomed a new grandson into her family this week..congrats to the family, so I have posted my parcel away containing a baby pack for the baby, comprising of a towel, washer and two burping bibs, and a towel set for 'big' brother.

I got my tank !!! ok, only temp signage..and I have to say very temp..fell off..., thinking I will put my signage (giggles) on the out side wall of the Nook. So excited about my little water tank  :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We are attending a Birthday Sock-Hop, so after a dig around I found a pattern for a 50's poodle skirt and petticoat. The pattern I used is McCall's 50's Costumes 3375.
The Poodle
The Skirt

The Petticoat
I really enjoyed my Sunday in the Nook  :)  Now just have to brush off the leather jacket for Mark and were set.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Busy afternoon in the Nook. Not quiet as hot today either. I am loving this pattern. Simplicity 9784. I have made this little dress for my granddaughter Holley - 7 months old. The fabric is really soft and I love the sunflowers. I chose to embroider the chipmunks - Chip and Dale, mainly for their cuteness and their colouring. I think they matched in well with the sunflowers. Holley's not home so will have to wait for another day for a model pic :)

I also embroidered the following washers for a friend. She has done the crocheting around them. You might be able to guess what she likes, haha.

I can't wait to give them to her, I am sure she'll love them :)