Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Christmas Sewings for 2011

Lots of sewing done for Christmas 2011. I was busy. Here is most of them....
Reindeer Food Bags...

 Handtowels.... Mickey Mouse christmas theme

 Handtowels...Aussie Santa theme

..and a few more handtowels..

Added some embroidery to shop bought clothes for the G-kiddies... totally ran out of time to make them..
Heaps of towels...

And smaller Table Cloth for a GF....
 Will be interesting to see how much I do for 2012.. Be good if I was better at taking photo's, some of the designs where really good. I so enjoyed tryng out some new designs as well. Do ignore some of the dates on the pics, kept forgetting to reset the camera... still learning ....  wishing everyone a wonderful and healthy 2012 xxx

Embroidered Christmas Table Cloth - 2011

My Embroidery Christmas Table Cloth

The Grandkids

 The big kids

The Great Grandparents

and of course Me and Poppy

 On Christmas Day I didn't take the camera, but Jessie took a pic.