Sunday, June 26, 2011


The last week end of June 2011, half the year is nearly over. Happy Birthday Wishes to my Mum today. Last post I had the two yellow hand towels I made, they were for my Mum...and she loved them :) 
A little sewing done today. Also we got a little vanity for 'The Nook', I think it is very cute....
 A motorbike shirt...

Wests Tigers Singlet......

Lightning McQueen sloppy joe....

And finally the finished scarf from last post....all prettied up.....

Another afternoon enjoyed in the Nook. Lets see if I get to spend more time here in July xxx

Sunday, June 19, 2011

19th June 2011..Happy Birthday Mykel

Today is my son Mykel's birthday. Happy Birthday !!! 
I spent another full day in the nook. Didn't get as much sewing done as I had planned, I was kinda fussy on a couple of my designs...searching can take a while to find just what your after...then often I am settling, lol  Also sorting and choosing designs for future projects. Anyhow have enjoyed my day..
The first picture is of the Eels scarf I had only done the embroidery on last post, the finished item all prettied up !! And GF should of received on the weekend, thanx Mum for delivering for me....

Another scarf I am working on, so next post should have the finished project picture ... Butterflies...
I seem to have been into yellow this week end... some hand towels , I do like making these and I do like the lace... raindrops frog
and my first patch !! for a friend to put on his first aid bag. I def need more practice, pic looks ok but it has gone into an oval shape instead of circle, never mind the red cross stands out enough to compensate I am sure.  Oh my design too, hence why it has most likely gone out of shape, hahaha, oh well we learn from experience.... don't know how I learn from this one cause I haven't worked out what I did wrong, maybe the backing. Well I enjoyed making it..  :)
Will be looking forward to sewing next week end, have some orders to fill, like to be busy in the Nook.... Jen

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Great to enjoy another day in the Nook, and getting thru heaps as well  :)
A baby set for a long time friend's newest addition, congrats Nelly
and some more burping bibs and washers..running out of time so didn't crochet all the washers, sewed some lace on, still pretty I think..
and finally finished two fishing shirts that I have put off and put off as I had a major fail making them before. So am ever so pleased to have finished them with no hi-cups :)

Also the hand towels I finished on Friday, again I didn't crochet the trim but sewed on lace, and I am thinking I rather like them so maybe I might make more with the lace..
 and finally for todays efforts in the Nook, a embroidery on a scarf in the making. long time friend is an Eels supporter, so hence the pic, then to trim with wool. Pic next time when I have finished. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Opps missed May...Winter is here ...June 2011

My GS William. Around his neck are the many scarfs his Mummy had just made. What a clever girl Jessie is, I taught her only on Sunday how to knit these and she has powered on!! Well done Jessie. They are a very clever and an easy scarf to make.
Here is GD Amelia with the little purple one I made for her. My first scarf  with this wool..
I have made 4 so far of these scarfs. Here is a pic of another type. It is knitted then around the edges I have chain stiched the pom pom wool that also had a strand of fluffy with it. I made one for my niece in Emerald, and my daughter Jessie loved it so much I made her one too..
This next one I have made for myself. It is made from black fabric, then I have sewn the pom pom wool onto it and made the fringe, I have worn it heaps, I love it. I seem to enjoy purple ...
Keeping with the winter, theme...slippers anyone. I have made about another 8 pairs that I didn't take pics of and have a few more to try and get made before winter is over, lol My best friend D gave me the pattern for these slippers, they are great !!

don't mind the threads on my floor, i love them, they show I have been busy sewing..giggles
And finally got to finish my brothers jumper today..considering I got it for him last winter!!! Be in the post Monday :)
Fingerless gloves, I love them

I have made a few baby items as well, towels, burping bibs and washers....some I have already given away.

Some hand towels, I love making these and a tea towel as well..I really like the pansy design...

Well today I had a full day in the Nook which I think I really needed. Haven't had a lot of time up here the last month, today was very productive and enjoyed a cuppa on my lovely sunny verandah..I love my 'Nana's Nook'......