Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to get back into it....

   Time to get back into it. Terrible floods in Queensland. I was born in Toowoomba and lived there till I was 13 and half. My family were all from Toowoomba. Just so surreal what happened there last week. Floods into NSW and Vic as well. Thoughts to all families and friends that have lost loved ones, and have been affected by these floods.
   This last week + I have been crocheting just little granny squares, just 3 rounds. I will make a little throw rug for the lounge for winter.

   Today I am hoping to complete two embroidery  towels.  and some burping bibs and crochet a washer or too. Will post pics when finished.

First one finished :) 
Didn't get the other towel done today.Was a little hot.  Did get one burping bib done ( pic later) and these four washers crocheted.


  1. Hey Jen comment works yay.Love your work and still so sad for all the ones who died.What a horrible shock.Love your background and new pic.

  2. Thanx Janelle, it is pretty the background. Nice and soft :)