Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well a busy full day today. I made another 6 library bags, all parceled up ready to post tomorrow. I was so inspired making the library bags, I spent the rest of the day catching up with unfinished projects and parceling up others ready for posting. Also the verandah started being build with the wood floor. So have taken pics to show my enjoy :)    Above (because I can't work out how to get my writing back up there) Is a baby parcel I had made in December but had not got it away, so am happy that today I have wrapped it ready to go. Below is three hand towels that I have machine embroidered and crocheted around for one of my nieces. I also made these a couple of weeks ago, so today I have sewn the buttons on and parceled up ready for posting tomorrow... the dragon flies were my inspiration to have dragon flies on my blog :) thanx Kylie xx
 This is a frog machine embroidery and crochet hand towel for my Mum..yes ready to post. Also made in December, today again button sewn on and parceled ready to post :)
 I made this baby set today. It consists of a machine embroidered towel, a crocheted washer, 2 burping bibs and a machine embroidered muslin wrap. I have made this for a friends first granddaughter in Toowoomba.
 I made this baby set also today for one of Jessie's friends.
 My veranah being built, and of course granddaughter Amelia helping Poppy.
 This I made today. Its an EELS hand towel, but no matter how I tried taking the pic it is just not showing very well. This is for my friend in Toowoomba.

And today's 6 library bags I made. most certainly a full day for me :) I have really enjoyed my weekend in my Nana's Nook...

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  1. Oh Jen you are so good Love what you have been making.You are so lucky you have a handy man I am envious lol.