Friday, June 3, 2011

Opps missed May...Winter is here ...June 2011

My GS William. Around his neck are the many scarfs his Mummy had just made. What a clever girl Jessie is, I taught her only on Sunday how to knit these and she has powered on!! Well done Jessie. They are a very clever and an easy scarf to make.
Here is GD Amelia with the little purple one I made for her. My first scarf  with this wool..
I have made 4 so far of these scarfs. Here is a pic of another type. It is knitted then around the edges I have chain stiched the pom pom wool that also had a strand of fluffy with it. I made one for my niece in Emerald, and my daughter Jessie loved it so much I made her one too..
This next one I have made for myself. It is made from black fabric, then I have sewn the pom pom wool onto it and made the fringe, I have worn it heaps, I love it. I seem to enjoy purple ...
Keeping with the winter, theme...slippers anyone. I have made about another 8 pairs that I didn't take pics of and have a few more to try and get made before winter is over, lol My best friend D gave me the pattern for these slippers, they are great !!

don't mind the threads on my floor, i love them, they show I have been busy sewing..giggles
And finally got to finish my brothers jumper today..considering I got it for him last winter!!! Be in the post Monday :)
Fingerless gloves, I love them

I have made a few baby items as well, towels, burping bibs and washers....some I have already given away.

Some hand towels, I love making these and a tea towel as well..I really like the pansy design...

Well today I had a full day in the Nook which I think I really needed. Haven't had a lot of time up here the last month, today was very productive and enjoyed a cuppa on my lovely sunny verandah..I love my 'Nana's Nook'......


  1. Awesome crafting ladies.Sadly my crafting is not happening at the moment.So glad someone has a nannas nook lol

  2. Thanx Nel, You really 'need' a Nannas Nook, and hopefully not too far away... Finished Seths towel set, ..finally..will post away on Tuesday. Congrats again on your FB Store, wishing u heaps of luck...and you get to find some craft time soon... :)

  3. Those tea towels are so darn cute! Nice job