Sunday, June 19, 2011

19th June 2011..Happy Birthday Mykel

Today is my son Mykel's birthday. Happy Birthday !!! 
I spent another full day in the nook. Didn't get as much sewing done as I had planned, I was kinda fussy on a couple of my designs...searching can take a while to find just what your after...then often I am settling, lol  Also sorting and choosing designs for future projects. Anyhow have enjoyed my day..
The first picture is of the Eels scarf I had only done the embroidery on last post, the finished item all prettied up !! And GF should of received on the weekend, thanx Mum for delivering for me....

Another scarf I am working on, so next post should have the finished project picture ... Butterflies...
I seem to have been into yellow this week end... some hand towels , I do like making these and I do like the lace... raindrops frog
and my first patch !! for a friend to put on his first aid bag. I def need more practice, pic looks ok but it has gone into an oval shape instead of circle, never mind the red cross stands out enough to compensate I am sure.  Oh my design too, hence why it has most likely gone out of shape, hahaha, oh well we learn from experience.... don't know how I learn from this one cause I haven't worked out what I did wrong, maybe the backing. Well I enjoyed making it..  :)
Will be looking forward to sewing next week end, have some orders to fill, like to be busy in the Nook.... Jen

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